Testimonial test

Mahbuba Poptani

Thank you so much for all your help and support through my journey.

Mahbuba Poptani NQT July 2019

Katerina Kancheva

I will wholeheartedly recommend your team to anyone who wishes to become a teacher.

Katerina Kancheva NQT July 2019

Lorne-Rhys Jones

I’ve had so much fun this year and although it sounds crazy, I just wish I could do it all over again!
I feel that this year has changed me in so many different ways and made me so much more comfortable and confident in my teaching.

Lorne-Rhys Jones, Qualified Teacher, Worcesters Primary School, School Direct Salaried 2017.18

Olivia Izzet

‘I always say how inspirational my training year was and how teaching was undoubtedly the best decision I ever made, so glad my own sister has decided to follow suit and is applying to you now!’

Olivia Izzet, QTS with 2Schools in July 2017

Emiliya Velinova

I wanted to say that I am grateful and I feel lucky to be part of such well-run training program! I feel I have learnt a lot and the journey has been great so far! It is clear that you put your heart and a lot of work in it. The provided training experiences are always amazing, very helpful and inspirational!
They have really inspired me to try new things and more importantly they have worked!  This has helped me to see a whole new approach that I was missing out on before! Here is why I wanted to say thank you- for knowing how to spark the knowledge and for providing the opportunities for it to grow!

Emiliya Velinova, Trainee Teacher currently on the School Direct Salaried at South Harringay Primary School, due to qualify in July 2019


The training sessions were up to date, varied, enjoyable and the depth of content was excellent.

NQT, June 2018


I learnt a lot about myself on the course.

NQT June 2018

Sarah Chuckla

Schools Direct provides you with so many opportunities to observe and learn from other practitioners. The weekly training sessions are filled with useful and practical information for you to use. There is an excellent balance between gaining theoretical knowledge and practical experience. 

Sarah Chuckla, NQT 2018 - Wilbury Primary School

Katerina Kancheva

I have received the most wonderful messages from friends, commenting on my photo with the certificate. I am going to display it proudly in my classroom.
I couldn’t have enjoyed this training year better, regardless of the obstacles on the way. In fact, they almost made it so special.

Katerina Kancheva, NQT July 2019

Christalla Jamil

Absolutely couldn’t put into words how effective it has been for us. Every year we employ our trainees so in my 5 years of headship, I have never put an advert out for a teaching vacancy.

Christalla Jamil, Head teacher, Eastfield Primary School, June 2018

Lesley Iwuoha

I’ve had such an amazing experience. It has really been worthwhile.

Lesley Iwuoha, Trainee Teacher 2017-18 and NQT 2018 at Starksfield Primary School

Riccardo Maraia

I think this training provider can be praised for how you have sought to address things on the course and acted on our feedback.

Riccardo Maraia, Trainee teacher 2018-19 at Capel Manor Primary School


My mentor is very supportive, knowledgeable and is a good listener. She always models my targets so I know how to improve my practice.

Stacey-Ann, Trainee Teacher 2018-19 at Eldon Primary School

Blandine Chaaya

I learnt about the importance of using manipulatives creatively in maths and used them in a maths lesson I taught. The children were really engaged and really enjoyed it.

Blandine Chaaya, Trainee teacher 2018-19 Worcesters Primary School

Nicola Goodson

My mentor has been very supportive and will give feedback on how I can improve each time. She gives me strategies to use and who I can go to for resources.

Nicola Goodson, Trainee Teacher 2018-19 Kingsmoor Academy

Neil Reilly

Your ‘outstanding teacher award’ has had a big impact on my trainee teacher. She came bouncing into school today, giving her that recognition has given her a real lift. I just wanted to say ‘thank you!’.

Neil Reilly, Deputy Head Teacher 2018-19 South Harringay Primary School

Dani Lang

It has been wonderful working with you so far this term and all the feedback I have had from staff involved has been very positive. 

Dani Lang, Headteacher 2018-19 Brimsdown Primary School

Trainee Teacher 2018-19

Would highly recommend 2schools training program as it is interesting, it is run with dedication and the support is endless! I feel the training days have been great! I felt I had learnt so much and seen so many amazing practitioners! I found amazing friends and each bit of the journey has given me new knowledge, new challenge and has helped me develop more! 
I think, all the feedback we have been asked to provide shows that our ideas and opinions matter! Well done to the team - the standard of professionalism is very high and the effort and care behind it very obvious!  

Trainee Teacher 2018-19

Trainee Teacher 2018-19

We are enjoying the course and we think it is very well structured (especially for trainee's who might have less experience).All of the people who come to train us are really informative and have shared some innovative ideas which we have already implemented in the classroom.

Trainee Teacher 2018-19

Riccardo Maraia

It has been a year that at times has had its struggles, but the feeling of achievement at the end of it all is very satisfying. It was particularly heart-warming to see the reactions of family and friends who were all extremely proud. Yourself and the team all lead from the front making yourselves readily available at all times and are the most approachable any trainee could ask for - for that I know we're all very grateful!

Riccardo Maraia NQT at Capel Manor 2019

Christopher Binn

Congratulations - what a triumph. Good location; Great speeches; Glorious weather. Yesterday's event was a wonderful graduation for all the students. Everyone felt the importance of the occasion and it was a fitting end to a very hard and worthwhile course. Thank you for inviting me!

Christopher Binn, Chair of Governors, Oakthorpe Primary School, 2Schools Consortium Strategic board​

Katherine Murphy

We want to thank you all for how you all make the course seamless (I've studied elsewhere previously and the provision was very different!).

Katherine Murphy, NQT 2019 at St Michael's

Stephanie Sorrentino

The quality of the training for trainees and school staff to implement this programme is excellent. We have made the right choice in choosing to work with this organisation.”

Stephanie Sorrentino, Assistant Head teacher and mentor 2018.19